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What is an Aeroponic Fogger? 

Aeroponic Fogger is a covered containment specially made to provide plants with an artificial growing environment. It is made up of a covered housing in which the plants are air-borne with naked roots, absolutely devoid of soil or any material. The housing is also fitted with lighting equipment which is regulated to simulate the natural plant light requirement. There are mini-sprayers that are filled with water in the form of a micro-nutrient solution. The reason for having these micro-nutrients in place of ordinary nutrients is that, in their most soluble state they will be readily consumable by plants, and will not need the help of bacterial agents to be crushed.

The solution is hugely atomized for the purpose of getting to the hanging roots easily. The environment under the root cage is foggy, suggestive of the type of aeroponics. All basic necessities of plant growth and development are put in place, with light and air well regulated to give only what should be availed. There are temperature and humidity controllers too which ensure all measures are up to the required standard.

It is a fact that plants tended in an Aeroponic fogger are healthier and grow faster as compared to other methods. This is especially due to the provision of nutrients constantly, and in the most appropriate volumes. Due to maximum monitoring of plant growth, the products are also proven to be safe from diseases. This should explain why most people are now turning to home-made aeroponics to grow plants and vegetables. It is no secret anymore; harmful chemicals have been used to promote crop production in the name of integrated horticulture. Those who have realized the vices have since gone that extra mile and embraced the new safe change.

In a few years to come, hydroponics and aeroponics will be households; watch this space.

What Is An Aeroponic Fogger?

If we take a look at agriculture, it has been usually done in the traditional manner and seeds have been sowed in the soil and fertilizers have been added to the soil and the soil has been watered in the anticipation that plants will grow and a good crop will be harvested. During the course of time, numerous techniques have been developed in order to improve the processes of agriculture, one of which is known as the Aeroponic method of growing plants.

The Aeroponic method of growing was discovered as a result of research that intended to grow plants in space. Since there was a problem that too much soil could not be taken to the space as it increased the payload and since the problem of providing gravity was also of concern, a technique had to be developed that aimed at growing plants in artificial light, in a limited environment and without the provision of soil. This was a challenge as most plants are used to growing in an environment which requires soil as a base and the force of gravity as an opposing factor. For the purpose of achieving growth in such an environment, a device known as the Aeroponic Fogger was developed after research and development.

The Aeroponic Fogger is a sealed container that is designed to help plants grow in an artificial environment. It consists of a sealed chamber in which the plants are suspended in the air with their roots bare and no soil or other inert material to cover them. The chamber contains light bulbs which are adjusted to the proper wavelengths so that the light bands that help in the optimum growth are provided to the plants. The chamber also boasts spray nozzles that contain water which is mixed with micro nutrients. The difference between micronutrients and organic nutrients is that micronutrients are ready to be used and unlike the organic fertilizers, do not require any bacteria to break them up, so as to provide them to the plants. This water has been especially atomized for the purpose of reaching the roots easily as they are suspended in air. Thus, an environment of a perpetual mist is maintained in the Aeroponic Fogger, which is controlled by a specific unit that has sensors built into the chamber in order to note the light requirements, temperature and humidity in the chamber, so as to maintain the balance of all factors that are needed for proper plant growth.

It has been observed that the plants that grow in an Aeroponic Fogger are better in nutrition and healthy in their build, for they tend to get the right nutrients at the right time, when they are growing up. Thus, the Aeroponic Fogger can be used to grow plants and vegetables that are healthy, nutritious, free of diseases and full of volume. It can be seen that the texture of these edibles is considerably better than those grown in the field using traditional methods. Aeroponics is the future of agriculture.

Aeroponic Fogger 


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