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Hydroponic Systems

Aeroponic System

What makes Aeroponics System so ideal?

It would have been a very unimaginable thing, in actual fact attracting utter rebuff if the idea of growing plants in an environment without soil. To some, it still is while to a new school of researchers, this is actually a reality. Currently the world is experiencing catastrophes after catastrophes, and there is no bigger catastrophe than a nation unable to feed its people. There is a new method of growing plants known as Aeroponic system, whereby there is zero usage of soil in plant growth. Believe it or not, it’s a fete you can achieve even from the atmosphere right at your home yard.

Basically, plants are tended in very safely controlled systems, with intake of all necessities regulated to perfection. It is a method that clearly beats the traditional method by miles, looking at the rate of growth, and production too.

How it works

In a limited resource environment, plant roots are suspended over bubbler with sprayers. The sprayers emit only moisture enriched with essential nutrients for the plant being reared. The nutrients have been specially crashed to the simplest of consumable state to ensure ease in take up. Air, both CO2 and oxygen, and light are supplied in the best quantities, to provide an environment replica of the natural one.

High yields assured

With all requirements for plant growth and development in good supply, and all external factors like temperature, air and light customized to perfection, more than ordinary production is bound to be achieved. Notably, products of this system have been argued to bear better qualities than naturally bred products. This is with regard to nutritious value, general outlook, and even quantity. Another point that makes Aeroponics a good option is that there is optimal utility of space and resources. A very small area can accommodate plants worthy a lot, and resources like water are recycled.

Technology versus nature

While the system may be forgiven for faulting nature, I beg to take a swipe at the methods used prior to realizing end results. One of them is that, the conditions under which they are bred are too well monitored that there is almost zero risk of pests or germs that may cause diseases. Two, every plant need is met, unlike in natural settings where there is a vast diversity of such needs, no wonder not all plants do well everywhere. There are those meant to thrive at highlands, lowlands, seaside, plateaus, and so on.

The New Way Of Farming

Suppose that you are living in a time period that passed two centuries ago. If someone from the future came in to tell you that it was possible to grow fruits, flowers and vegetables without the use of soil, you would have certainly laughed at the person. Even If you told it to someone at the beginning of the twentieth century, that person would also have laughed at you and enquired from you that in all sanity, was it possible to grow plants without soil for he had been seeing none of this sort? But times have changed since then and it is now possible to achieve this venture. Sounds too good to true but is very achievable indeed.

The system which has made this dream turn into a reality is known as the Aeroponic System. It was discovered basically as a result of scientific research that was carried in order to test whether or not it was possible to grow plants without soil and whether the plants would be able to show growth in a limited environment that is tightly controlled. This gave way to the proper development of the Aeroponic System, which contained a sealed container in which the plants were suspended in the air, with their roots hanging. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and light were all administered under tightly controlled conditions. The container was equipped with special spray nozzles that ensured that a mist of water that was enriched with micronutrients that were ready to be used was sprayed into the container, so that there stayed a mist of nutrient rich water, which would replace the need for plants to be grown in the soil. A special regulator was integrated into the system that ensured the proper supply of mist, light, carbon dioxide and temperature along with moisture levels so that the plants growing in the environment would show the optimum growth.

It has been observed that plants, fruits and other vegetables that grow in Aeroponic Systems are better in texture, healthy in nutrition and full of volume than the edibles that are grown under normal conditions. This is because they have been grown in conditions that are most close to ideal conditions. Another good thing about the Aeroponic Systems is that the plants that grow inside them are relatively free from germs and bacteria because they are kept and cultured in a strictly antiseptic environment. Using an Aeroponic System is also good because it enables the growth of a significant amount of produce in quite a small space and makes full use of the principles of conservation of energy. Utilizing this technology in the proper way can enable us to produce more food and save upon precious resources such as water and fertilizers. This can also bring down the cost of production and enable those to eat properly who are so poor that they cannot even think of eating one meal at a time. It can therefore be concluded that Aeroponic Systems are here to stay.


  • Aeroponics Systems - Try it at Home
    Aeroponics Systems enable the provision of water, oxygen and food to the plants without growing the plant in open and natural soil. This is the only requirements by a plant.

Aeroponic System 


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