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Hydroponic Systems

DWC Hydroponics

Setting up DWC Hydroponics System 

DWC Hydroponics is the latest development in the Hydroponics section. DWC or simply Deep Water Culture is an easy-to-setup system in comparison to the other methods, but is a little more time consuming in its maintenance.

What it entails

This method of Hydroponics involves the use of both water and air in the provision of relevant plant nutrients necessary for growth and development. It is a blend of two sections; where the plant is being held, and where water and nutrients are stationed awaiting delivery.

Set up

The plant holder or chamber houses the plant in its grow medium, whether gravel or rock simulating soil. The container is perforated well at the base, as it is supposed to be placed on top of the water and nutrient source, which could either be an ordinary bucket containing water and the micronutrients. Note that micronutrients are used in place of ordinary fertilizers which are taken in by action of both soil and bacteria. They are easily absorbed by the plants and therefore a faster and strong growth.

Roots suspended at the top of the water and nutrient source usually absorb moisture from the evaporating mixture caused by the air bubbler.

Lighting is very vital, not only in the traditional setting but also in the DWC Hydroponics. Owing to the fact that plants are grown indoors, there is every chance that sufficient light will not be supplied. For purposes of photosynthesis, grow lights may be an option, but should always be used alongside a light controller.

This is a practice that can attract a lot of privacy; therefore people should not be caught on the other side of the law growing illegal stuff like cannabis sativa. Embrace this change by growing vegetables and fruits that can easily sustain the whole family.

Explore The Deep Water Culture

In the world of hydroponics, there is now a new system of growing plants indoors, which is called DWC Hydroponics, deep water culture hydroponics. Unlike the other methods of hydroponics, it is easier and cheaper to set up but the downside is that once set up, a DWC Hydroponics garden can be quite expensive in terms of time in order for it to be maintained.

The essence of DWC Hydroponics is to use a combination of water and air in order to provide the plant with the water and nutrients that are required by it in order to grow properly. The setup consists of basically two parts, the plant housing chamber and the container that acts as the water and nutrient delivery mechanism. A usual DWC Hydroponics system is set up as follows.

The plant chamber consists of the plant, which has been placed in grow rocks, gravel or bead fiber, since these materials are inert and take place of the soil, which would have been otherwise used in traditional farming. The container is finely perforated at the bottom because it has to be placed over the water and nutrient delivery system. The other major part is the water and nutrient delivery system, which may consist of a bucket or a special container in which a mixture of water and micronutrients would be placed. The micronutrients are used instead of the normal fertilizers because normal fertilizers rely on the action of bacteria and microbes, which may be found in the soil, but are completely omitted from this system. Another advantage of using micronutrients is that they provide the plants with direct nutrition, which makes them grow stronger and faster. There is an air bubbler fitted into this container, which is connected to an air pump that pumps air into the container. This allows the mixture to evaporate into the air. Thus, a stream of moisture is created and when it reaches the grow rocks or the intert material, it gets deposited over it so as to reach the roots of the plants, that lie on top of this evaporation chamber. This system allows the nutrients and water to be provided to the plants in a balanced manner.

Another most important component of the DWC Hydroponics system is light. Since the plants are being grown indoors, there is a good chance that natural light may or may not be available in that part of the housing. For example, if the plants are housed in the balcony, then natural light may be available but if the plants are being housed in the garage, one would certainly have to arrange for grow lights, in conjunction with a light regulator, in order to provide the plants with light for the purpose of photosynthesis.

The equipment for DWC Hydroponics is widely available from gardening stores, but always check your local laws as to whether you are allowed to practice it. This is because there is a good and bad side to every thing. It has been known that people use this system to grow Mexican chilies and bell peppers for them but it has also been reported that certain people have used the system to grow hemp and marijuana indoors in complete secrecy.

DWC Hydroponics 


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