Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Systems

General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule

Stage to stage feeding schedule 

General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule is a specially researched program designed to tend growing plants nutrition-wise. It is a program that looks specifically to the needs of each type of plant grown, and also the stage at which the plant is. This is basically due to varied behavioral patterns of different plants. Researchers have to put into consideration the kinds of climates or general environment that do well with each type of plant. At the same time, plants require different measures of nutrition through their life stages. Newly grown plants and seasoned plants do not require similar amounts of nutrients, plants at flowering stage similarly do not take in the same amount as young seedlings.

Plants undergo several stages before they can be fully matured. They start with seed or seedling, growth stages, that will be average growth and fast growth periods, bloom, and finally, ready stage.

The seedling stage calls for plants to be richly supplied with relevant germination nutrients.

Growth stage too attracts a different system of feeding, with the general hydroponics feeding schedule taking a major turn to start providing more hardened but soluble nutrients.

The moment plants get to bloom; special nutrients for supporting its flowering stage are supplied. This is the most sensitive stage as it is where the plant capacity to produce is determined.

Hydroponics Feeding ScheduleGardeners who may not be sure of the appropriate nutrient solutions better ask before they turn their investment into a rubbish deposit. Hydroponics in its entirety is not a simple method of growing plants. It requires total concentration from the word go, if possible a well kept record of events from the time seedlings were established. A simple mistake is likely to spell doom and the effects won’t be worth talking about.

All solutions sold from genuine stores must always contain a user manual, elaborating the right stages for application of each solution. Besides application of nutrient solutions, other factors of good crop production must also be satisfied. Failure to satisfy any may probably lead to gardeners never knowing where the system went wrong, and a repeat will not be ruled out.

How To Get The Most Out Of It?

When it comes to practicing the art of hydroponics, it is said that it requires a lot of finesse right from the beginning to the end. This is especially true because hydroponics is the type of farming that does really require a lot of effort and continuous control. If properly practiced, hydroponics farming gives much better results much faster than those of conventional farming, but can also lead to a disaster if left completely unattended.

When we look at traditional farming, it relies mainly on the presence of soil, both as a medium to grow as well as to provide a foundation base in which to grow. In hydroponics, the soil is replaced with an inert material like rock, gravel or sand, which cannot provide the plant with any nutrition. The objective of providing the plant with nutrition is achieved through the use of water. And it is also a fact that micronutrients, which are ready to use fertilizers, are provided to the plants along with water. Thus, for proper sustenance of the plants all of the nutrients and water must be provided to the plants at the right time and in the right amount. That can be achieved by following a General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule.

A General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule is defined as a schedule or a feeding program that has been designed in order to cater for the nutritional needs of the plants that are to be grown in a hydroponics system. Such a schedule is likely to be made specifically for different types of flora and fauna and describes in detail, the whole process of providing nutrition to the plants right from the seeding stage to the last growth stage. Such a feeding schedule would take care of the precise amounts of micronutrients and other additives to water, which would serve as the core food of the plants.

A typical General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule segregates the stages of the life cycle of a plant into the following growth stages: the seedling, mild growth, growth, aggressive growth, transition, bloom and ripen stages. It then has a comprehensive chart of which micronutrients to provide to the plant and in how much quantity. For example, the seedling stage is the stage where the seed has to turn into a sapling and it should then be provided with those nutrients and additives that are supportive in seed germination and better growth of the sapling. On the other hand, when the mild growth stage starts, the feeding schedule then tends to focus on the provision of those nutrients that are supportive of mild growth, for example Flora Bloom may be administered for two to three weeks.

As the growth stage approaches, the General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule then switches to more substantive nutrition products. One should then follow it in order to provide foliar and flush supplements along with the regular growth products. As soon as the plant enters the bloom stage, the nutrients are changed to products such as Liquid Cool Bloom or similar substances in order for good flowers to bloom and healthy fruit to be made out of them.

General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule 


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